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A full range of services are available; at my offices in Birmingham City Centre, Cradley Heath Wolverhampton, Sutton Coldfield, or at your business premises.

  • Notary Public Services available including Apostille and Embassy Consularisation.
  • Legalisation of document service at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.
  • Embassy/Consular legalisation. Click here to see the list of Countries.
  • Mobile service available at your home or office please contact me on 07977 466575 if you require this service.
Notary Services for Individuals

I can assist with most documents required for use abroad. These cover enormously varied situations, but those frequently required include:

  • Powers of attorney to deal with foreign property
  • Bank documents
  • Certified copy passports and other documents
  • Certification of academic documents
  • Applications for registration of medical qualifications
  • Lost passports and other documents
  • Certified translations of documents (see also:Translations)
  • Applications for consent to marry
  • Overseas adoptions

For a consultation call me on 07977 466575  or email info@notarypublicwestmidlands.co.uk

In straightforward matters, we will normally agree a fee before I undertake any action on your behalf. If on the appointment substantially more work is required than originally anticipated, then I reserve the right to vary the fee from any initial quotation made on the telephone.

I am not registered for VAT.

You are responsible for all disbursement payments. These will include fees paid to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office for legalisation and/or a relevant foreign Embassy. It may also be necessary for a couriers fee to be incurred: this will always be agreed prior to my incurring any expenses on your behalf.

This is normally made at the meeting at which the document is signed.

I am not qualified to advise in areas of foreign law: this is the responsibility of your foreign advisor. My role is to ensure that you understand the apparent legal effect of the document which you are signing, to verify your identity and your authority to sign the document. If I am of the opinion that you do not understand the legal effect of the document, then I will not agree to Notarise it.

Dependent on the work which I undertake for you, we may agree that instead of agreeing a fixed fee, I will submit a bill to you at the end of the matter at the hourly rate referred to above. This will normally include the drafting of relevant documentation, communications with both yourself and your foreign legal advisors and any additional correspondence / research which may be required.

I will not agree to Notarise a document unless I believe that you are entering into it of your own free will, and understand the legal effect of the document which you will be signing in my presence. In some instances, it may be necessary for a translation of the document to be arranged before I agree to Notarise it: this is both for your protection, and in order to ensure that the document itself cannot be set aside on any basis.

Many countries require the addition of a document known as an Apostille, by either the Foreign & Commonwealth Office or the relevant foreign Embassy: this is additional confirmation once you have seen me and I have sealed the document that I am a genuine and licensed Notary Public. You should be aware that if an Apostille and/or additional legalisation is required, if you do not have the document legalised it is most unlikely to be of legal effect in the foreign country to which you send it.

Once the document has been Notarised, I will keep a full record in my register of the Notarised document. I will also keep a copy of your proof of identity.

I carry professional indemnity liability insurance of up to £1 million pounds with HCC International insurance Company Plc.

Notary Services for Professionals

A full range of notary services is available:

  • At my offices in Birmingham City Centre
  • At my offices in Cradley Heath, Wolverhampton and Sutton Coldfield
  • At your business premises

I notarise documents for many professions and their clients, including accountants, architects, doctors and other health professionals, engineers, insolvency practitioners, patent and trade mark attorneys and solicitors.

Where required, legalisation by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and by a country’s embassy, or consulate, can be arranged together with direct return to you, your client, or an overseas destination.

Evidence of Identity and Authority
Where a document is signed on behalf of a company, evidence of the signatory’s authority may be required in addition to evidence of identity (see also: . Confirmation of appointment of directors, or administrators, can be obtained directly from Companies House and in some cases a board resolution, or other confirmation, may be required. A telephone conversation will quickly establish what is needed.

Companies House Documents
Any documents filed at Companies House can be downloaded directly.

For a consultation call me on 07977 466575  or email info@notarypublicwestmidlands.co.uk

My charges are based on the time spent in dealing with your notarial work. In many cases, after a short discussion of the work required, I can give you an estimate of the time involved, or in straightforward cases, a fixed fee. No VAT is payable on my fees.

I will ask you to pay fees and disbursements by cash, cheque or online payment to my bank account on completion of the notarisation, unless we have previously agreed that my fees will be invoiced to you. My detailed Terms of Business can be viewed on the Terms of Business page viewable at the button link below.

Many countries require that notarised documents are also “legalised” by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and / or the country’s embassy, or consulate. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office attaches a note to the document called an “apostille”, which is also sometimes referred to as “the apostille of the Hague”.

For businesses, I can arrange legalisation through an agent and in urgent cases use the same day premium service.

Documents for individuals can be legalised through an agent, or by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office through the post. The FCO no longer offers a counter service at Milton Keynes.

Legalisation by embassies, or consulates, is often required by countries that are not signatories of the Hague Convention. Give me a call if this is required and I can let you know the costs and likely timescales involved.

More information about legalisation can be found by using the button link below.

Notarised translations of company documents, contracts and tenders may be requested by foreign governments and businesses. I can arrange for notarised translations into all mainstream languages and if required, affidavits from the translator.

I can also provide notarised translations of individuals’ documents such as degrees and other academic certificates and birth, marriage and death certificates.

Please note that it is not possible to notarise existing translations.